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vavoo tv

(4.5 out of 5 stars from 142 Reviews)
Supported OSsWindows, macOS, Android
Number of AddonsMany
Adware free
Free to use
Still actively supported by developers

Overall Rating



Vavoo TV – plays films and more

Vavoo TV enables you to play films and series from the internet on your television without detours. You do not need any additional hardware. With the supplied remote control and our self-developed software, it is only a child’s play to browse the complete repertoire. With a few clicks you get to the desired content and can play it back immediately. In sum, Vavoo is a nice, free media center for your films and series.

Vavoo TV – Media Center

Vavoo TV is a free and comprehensive multiplatform media center that lets you manage and play movies, photos and music. The software can be customized with add-ons and bundles. The basis is the open source software Kodi. The most important formats and codecs are supported, so that there are hardly any problems during playback. In addition to media stored on the hard disk, internet streams or files available in the network can also be played back. Services such as YouTube, Shoutcast or Apple’s film trailer page can be integrated into Vavoo TV via plug-ins.

Vavoo can also be set up with a single click using fully pre-configured bundles. However, you should be careful not to use sources with copyrighted content. Add-ons allow you to add additional functions – for example, you can access video portals directly from within the program or play and manage podcasts.


The Vavoo TV App is free and can be downloaded by anyone. The software is extremely resource-saving and therefore also runs on comparatively weak or older hardware. Our developers are always endeavouring to make Vavoo available on other end devices. After you have installed the software, you can enter the URL to your desired bundle. Vavoo TV then sets itself up completely independently and is immediately ready for use.

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