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RealPlayer – media Player with long history

RealPlayer is a media player from RealNetworks, a software for playing video and audio files. Earlier versions were called RealPlayer Cloud, RealPlayer, RealOne Player or RealAudio Player. The latest version creates the connection between media player, management software and download manager. You can now store music and videos on your computer in the cloud.

Development of the player

The first version of RealPlayer was released in 1995, often with the mention of RealJukebox, a pure music management program (play music tracks and add meta-infos, transfer tracks to portable devices, rip and burn CDs). After version 2, this worked in RealOne Player (hence the name). Later, important components for Unix/Linux systems were outsourced from RealPlayer and resulted in a new development called Helix Player which was provided by Real under an open source license and was used for subsequent Realplayer versions from version 9.x onwards. The player gained great importance especially in the video streaming sector. Real played a pioneering technical role here, and for years the Real format for video streaming content on the www was a quasi-standard. Especially the availability for many operating systems proved to be a big advantage over the main competitors QuickTime and Windows Media.

Operation and function

The player is a comprehensive media player that plays many well-known audio and video formats and also displays some image formats. YouTube videos can be downloaded with RealTimes. Audio and video material is managed clearly via a media library. The main focus of the player is that videos in your possession can easily be transferred and played on all devices in your household.

Furthermore RealPlayer offers burning functions and the possibility to cut audio and video files to create ringtones, for example. The private mode is also remarkable. This will cause RealPlayer not to save which files you are playing. Downloaded videos are stored in a password-protected folder and file names are rewritten so that the content is not visible. The ESC key is used to hide and mute currently playing videos.

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