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GOM Player

(4.5 out of 5 stars from 91 Reviews)
Supported OSsWindows, Android, iOS
Number of AddonsMany
Adware free
Free to use
Still actively supported by developers

Overall Rating



Gom player’s functionalities

GOM player is the best free media player you can find. Its basic interface is very simple and fun to use even if you are not a tech guru. The gom player software is available in several languages. It offers customized skins and if you are not pleased with its default list you can simply download free ones. Gom player’s success is due to its function to basically read any type of media files you can think of like mp3, mp4, avi, flv, 3GP, Ogg, ASF, Matroska, MSVIDC, OGM and much more. It has a highly efficient codec finder in case your file’s format is not supported to ensure that you can open it. One of its coolest features is the ability to read incomplete and damaged avi files.

Unlike other media players on the market that have this option, gom player does not simply read your previously broken file but it smoothly skips the distorted frames to give you the most pleasant watching experience. Gom player has not only an amazing capture tool which takes pictures from your videos with one click, but it also allows you to do your researches whilst watching your favorite shows simply by setting the player’s transparency to your liking.
Last but not least, gom player has a cool app which transforms your mobile device into a remote so you can control your computer’s media player from afar. To conclude gom player is one of the best alternative multimedia players for windows. The software stands between many other competitive media players thanks to the amazing functions. Its major con is the limited help center which is essentially a link to a FAQ.

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